The Lettuce

crisp and cold crunchy green on the counter rinsed and clean plain and simple freshly cut the wholesome scrubber for your gut

The Crocodile

patience, please! it takes a while to befriend the crocodile his armour is very much in style as he swims along The Nile he stalks his prey in lizard gangs his mouth is long and full of fangs

The Refrigerator

In your kitchen I happily stand I’m just an average household brand I work hard night and day to chill your food and stop decay I am two parts it’s really quite nice chilly below and above, there’s ice You can go to the store and get more stuff I can hold more! I like … Continue reading The Refrigerator

The Pimple

I’ve been brewing for a while, I may be ugly but I am not vile I’m just a little bit o’ pus no need to make such a fuss. I can’t help the state I’m in, slowly growing in your skin. You’ve tried creams, you’ve tried gels but I’m still here (with white blood cells) … Continue reading The Pimple

The Chair

See that thing over there? That, my friend, is a chair It might be made out of wood It has four legs like it should. It is there for moments such you don’t feel like standing very much. At the table while you eat use your chair take a seat! At the office working fast … Continue reading The Chair

The Pillow

Soft and puffy cushioning your face tucked inside the pillowcase It’s just the right size and not complicated it keeps your neck elevated Some come with feathers others, foam You might have many in your home Some are big some are small some are flat like nothing at all It waits on your bed all … Continue reading The Pillow

The Weed

Growing here in your yard isn’t really very hard I like to be in the dirt and wear my green leafy shirt My roots go down into the soil sorry if I make you toil Why do you even try to be rid of me and make me die? I’m just a humble little sprout … Continue reading The Weed

The Horse

I stand tall and I stand proud with fearsome nostrils I’m endowed I swish my tail and stomp my hoof my demeanor is a bit aloof I run through fields I sleep in barns my mane gets braided with colorful yarns I love to romp I love to play I eat grains and lots of … Continue reading The Horse

The Bathroom Sink

have a moment? stop, and think of a faithful friend the bathroom sink fills our cups on quiet nights and helps us brush our pearly whites water flowing as gentle rain and all our germs go down the drain

The Suitcase

it sits in the closet under cat’s booty awaiting its next call of duty folded clothes secured with clips a compact closet for your trips with leather handle and sturdy locks a sentimental memory box


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