The Refrigerator

In your kitchen 
I happily stand 
I'm just an average 
household brand

I work hard 
night and day 
to chill your food 
and stop decay

I am two parts 
it's really quite nice 
chilly below 
and above, there's ice

You can go 
to the store 
and get more stuff 
I can hold more! 

I like it when 
you bring home fruit 
and put it in 
my drawer, so cute 

I'm happy with 
the condiments too 
you line them up 
in an orderly queue

Don't be mad 
when my light goes out 
I'll keep running 
have no doubt 

Let me chill 
your chocolate pie 
if I sometimes hum 
don't ask why 

My freezer top 
is like the North Pole 
come get ice cream! 
(if that's your goal) 

Keep me clean 
defrosted, too 
an appliance friend 
I'll be to you